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The Tatong Tattler

The Tatong Tattler Inc. is a non-profit monthly newsletter, compiled & distributed by volunteers.
Circulation currently 310 printed issues.                           
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The Tattler comes out roundabout the 25th of each month, except December (no January issue).

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"I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by." - Douglas Adams [ref]

The Tattler Deadline is Midnight on the 20th of the month, January-November.
That is for digital submissions, ready to be inserted.
Hand-written items, or anything needing to be typed or converted to digital format, must be received by the 15th of the month.

Submit via e-mail to Tatongtattler at yahoo.com.au
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If you need help with your submission, contact a Committee Member (well before the deadline).

Items received after the deadline can still be printed in the next month's edition.

Advertising Rates

Updated August 2016
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Notices of coming Community Events, up to 1/8th of a page, are free.

Advertorial-style articles under this category must be labelled "Promotional Feature".

Publicity for an event with an entry fee is classed as advertising and charged accordingly.  Local community events may be excepted.

The Tattler is edited in MS Publisher.
Submit in Publisher, Word (.doc, .docx, .rtf), or Text (Consider just pasting your text into the body of the email.)
Mac owners please submit in Open Office format (.odt).
Please note: items submitted in PDF (Portable Document Format) are difficult to extract.
Please use PDF only as a last resort!

Submit Graphics in jpg or a common format.
Please bear in mind that a lot of dark means a lot of toner, for which we are struggling to pay, having been ripped off by Hewlett Packard.
Avoid using a lot of Black, or colour that will be black when converted to Greyscale (i.e., red).

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Tattler Team


Andrea Stevenson:      President
Linda DeFazio:           Secretary
Geoff Rintala:             Editor
Barbara Hussey-Yeo:  Treasurer
Joan Lewis                 Vice President
Bev Hakkennes          Distribution Coordinator
Heather McCauley      Printing Coordinator
Beth Gregory
Sue O'Brien


Benalla: - Geoff Rintala, Pip Rigby

Whitegate / Molyullah: - Caryn DeFazio, Georgina Elford, Heather McCauley, Chris Hakkennes, Jan & Terry Ring, Janette Knapper,  Jill Lloyd, Katrina Bailey

Tatong: - Irene Erskine, Bev & Joe Hakkennes, Kerryn Gaudion, Nicole McFarlane, Trudi Nichols.

Moorngag / Samaria: - Sue DeBlaquiere, Helen & Colin McCauley, Marlene Exton


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District Events & Links

Tatong Market & More, once-a-year October/November. https://www.facebook.com/TatongMarketAndMore

Sadly, the monthly Tatong Village Market is no more.

Molyullah Easter Fair - run every Easter Monday at Molyullah, just round the corner from Tatong.

Tatong Heritage Group

In 2006 the Tattler ran a serialised account of the childhood of New Zealand P.M. Michael Savage. Savage grew up in the Tatong region. The full text is available from Tatong Heritage Group's site. (Copyright Tatong Heritage Group, taken with the author's permission from "From the Cradle to the Grave", a biography of Michael Savage by Barry Gustafson, Professor of Politics.)


- e-mail us via tatongtattler at yahoo.com.au (checked by the Editor & by Andrea)
- Secretary, Linda De Fazio, @ PO Box 588 Benalla 3671
- Drop items off at the Tattler Mailbox beside the Tatong Tavern.

Beware the E-Personation

The Tatong Tattler email a/c has been Spoofed (not hacked).
Malware hijacks the address list from some recipient's email, and passes itself on pretending to be "Tatong Tattler".
Spoof email will have "TatongTattler" before the "@" but come from a different domain; it tends to contain "Hi!" then a NASTY link.

Note: An email with brief  impersonal text then and a link, is ALWAYS suspicious.
Also: using BCC when sending group emails avoids this happening. But it does prevent using "Reply All".

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