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The Tatong Tattler: Tatong Australia-Day Awards thus far.

(Please advise if you know any further that ought be listed here.)

2024 Larissa Montgomery
2023 Robert Erskine
2022 -------
  2021 Pat Manser
2020 -------
2019 Mike Larkin
2019 Tatong Royal Children's Hospital; Good Friday Family Fun Day - Community Event of the Year
2018 de Sales Turner
2018 Ellan Montgomery, Elly Cavelot, Jessica Cavelot - Young Achiever
2018 Tatong Art Show - Community Event
2017 Ashley Day
2016 Dennis Hevey
2015 Jade Kirk
2014 Dennis Scott
2013 Joe & Bev Hakkennes - joint Tatong Achievers and Citizen of the Year
2012 No nomination
2010 Barry & Joan Lewis
2009 Rod & Lyn Lindsay
2008 Kevin Smith
2007 Evan Lewis - Citizen of the Year & Tatong Heritage Group - Community Group
2006 Jade Kirk - Young Achiever

1988  Graeme Peck, Citizen of the Year
1988 Julie Marriott; Junior Citizen

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